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The country with three psychiatrists

Posted by Charles Mafa on Thursday, October 10, 2013, In : Health 

Zambia is drinking itself into a coma

By Charles Mafa

It is estimated that one in every five people in Zambia is living with some form of mental illness.

This astonishing figure was first revealed back in 2005 when the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated the prevalence of mental disorders to be at 20% of the population.

They went further and said that 6% to 10% of Zambians have severe mental disorders that need hospital care.

There has been no statistical analysis of the prevalenc...

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The flood of second car imports: Good news & bad

Posted by Charles Mafa on Friday, October 4, 2013, In : Commerce 

By Charles Mafa

Last year, 66,000 secondhand vehicles were imported into Zambia, mostly from Japan. That averages out at 180 used vehicles coming into the country each and every day. These cars and trucks then add to the estimated total of more than 427,000 vehicles already here – and that figure does not include the thousands of vehicles registered as belonging to government.

In Japan, thousands of used vehicles constantly become available for re-sale because of a strict and very hi...

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